Chick Pea / Bengal Gram / Channa

Chick Pea also known as Bengal Gram and as a Chana in India, is a pulse cultivated in India. It is small, darker coat of brown colour and has rough skin. It is good source of protein and has high fiber than White Chick Pea. It has low glycaemic index (GI) index which makes it suitable for people with high blood sugar. We assure best quality Chick Pea to our buyers.

Product Name Chick Pea / Bengal Gram / Channa
Moisture 10% -12 %
Ad mixture 0.20% to 0.90%
Discoloured, broken or aborted kernels 1% (Maximum)
Immature stained Green / Brown Kernels 3% (Maximum)
Weeviled Kernels (Maximum) 2%
Damaged (Maximum) 3%

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