Yellow Maize

We bring forth excellent quality Maize Corn in the national as well as international market. Our Corn Maize is procured from the best plantation in the country ensuring enriched nutrition values. We process our maize in highly disinfected environment under the supervision of expert agriculturalists. You can expect our yellow maize to be Pure, Fresh, and Delectable having unique fragrance and High Nutritional content.

Product Name Yellow Maize
Moisture (Maximum) 12% - 14%
Foreign Matter (Maximum) 2.5 %
Broken Seeds (Maximum) 2.5%
Damaged Kernels (Maximum) 5%
Admixture (Maximum) 2%
Shrivelled /Immature grains (Maximum) 2.5% to 4.5%
Weevil grains (Maximum) 1.5 %
Aflatoxin 20 PPB - 50 PPB

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