Red Chilli

India is one of the major red chilli pepper exporting countries in the world. There are many varieties of red chilli pepper grown across the country. Each of these varieties differs from each other in pungency and color. Red chilli peppers are rich in carotenoids and capsaicinoids. This is a reason why it’s also used as food colouring agent and in pharma industries to produce anti inflammatory drugs. Chillies are valued mainly for their high pungency and color. We duly take care of both these features while exporting to our customers.

Product Name Chilli (Red / Dried)
Moisture (Maximum) 10%
Color 40 – 160 Red to Dark Red
Extraneous Matter (Maximum) 1%
Damaged & Discolored Pods (Maximum) 6%
Loose Seeds (Maximum) 3%

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